2015 Deep Six Cycles & East End Charity Motorcycle Raffle!

  Oh what? A sneak peek at the bike we are going to raffle off for charity at The Melt Down on April 25th! More up dates to come so stay tuned! You can purchase $10 raffle tickets here at the shop or online through the PayPal button below! And don't forget to sign up to our  news letter for updates on the Raffle Bike and other news!

Sold Out Thank you!

Raffle Update! 3/26/2015

 With the Melt down at the end of April our shop & (Flying Chairs (formerly East End Moto)  have been working away at pulling the raffle bike together. I have to say I love the way this thing has taken shape. The bike is pretty  cool for something still running so many stock parts and defiantly has its own personality and presence.

But more than that when we began this whole endeavor we knew we wanted to donate the profits to a charity.  In talking with some friends I was informed of a local guy who was riding on the hwy when a tractor trailer truck in front of him struck a car and he became tangled up in the mess. Now this did not play out well... Richard had to be put into an induced coma, lost some toes and suffered a host of other trauma. I he is very lucky to still be with us and I suspect that if he had not had a helmet on that would not be the case.

 If you are local you may know Richard Page or have had some passing interaction with him. In fact he may have asked you to sign in or checked your id at the Double Crown in West Asheville. When this raffle began (for me) it was really all about  the bike, and it was just a bonus that we got to help a charity. I have to say it is crazy how much that has changed for me. The difference is that this does not go to some big foundation this is to help a very real person who is respected and loved by many of my friends.
 I am also happy to thank some of our sponsors who have donated to the bike project. This keeps the overhead of the build down drastically. Which in turn allows us more profit to pass on to help Richard. Butts Chop Shop has donated a paint job at cost. I can not wait to see what flaky goodness Derek throws down. He has pretty much been granted full reign. I know he has a host of ideas and they all sound good! 
 Hard Drive Parts has donated a tail light and tag bracket. And I really have to thank our rep Dusty for coming through a bugging his bosses about this! When we begin next years raffle bike we will hit you guys up sooner! There were a number of parts we purchased from Hard Drive to get the project under way.
Tickets are only $10 they can be purchased by clicking on the button below, The Burger Bar, The Double Crown, The Lazy Diamond, Deep Six, Flying Chairs and online here!

This Just in, I lifted this with Richard's permission from a Facebook post. The profit from this raffle really will help someone who needs it. And this post really hits on so many good points that I wanted to share it with everyone who may not know about Richard and his situation.
   This raffle bike looks awesome! After all the medical and legal dust settles and I can move again I am going to rebuild my 1994 Sportster. I am hoping to do a lot of the work my self, the parts I need and the work i can't do myself will all be from Deep Six Cycles or Flying Chairs. In Deep Six's blog he mentioned that I might not be alive if I wasn't wearing a helmet. That is the truth, my full face helmet looks terrible. Even with a full face helmet, good boots, and riding gear I came out of this missing one and a half toes, 3 broken bones in my leg, a trashed knee, hip damage, 4 broken ribs, and a stroke. If your not happy with your safety gear shop for some that is more to your liking. My goffy safety gear saved my life! Even as bad as my leg got messed up, I don't think there would have been anything for them to fix without the gear I had on. I want to THANK EVERYONE for all the support I have been and am still getting. There are a lot of good people and a great comunity in Asheville, glad to be a part of it.
Richard Page

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