Monday, March 16, 2015

The Long Hard Winter!

  The long hard winter may have you feeling a bit stir crazy. But I'm here to tell you that warm weather is on the way and that bike show or run you have been looking forward to is right around the corner! We have a bunch of irons in the fire right now. We are still making progress on the raffle bike. We are sponsors of  The Melt Down vintage motorcycle show where the drawing for the raffle bike will happen. We have tons of new parts rolling out on top of our day to day and custom one off orders. And we are making progress on a whole new website!

Don't get down get busy! Forge ahead, make, modify create!

You know we offer a wide variety of products. Check out those pull back bars with the brass center piece!

You do know all our products are made in the USA by the hands punching these keys right?

Who else offers hand built brass and stainless handle bars? Thats right you will only get them here! 

So Swing over to the Web Store already (Click Here!) or shoot us an email to get your self some thing some custom radness or help with your project.

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