Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hydraulic Fork Leg Shaving Service.

If you have decided to ditch that front fender, front brake or both then send us your fork lowers and we can remove those unsightly and unused mounts. It does not matter what you have for a front end we can remove the tabs, turn and blend the legs on the lathe leaving them looking better than new. We often do 35mm, 39mm & 41mm Harley Fork Lowers. But it is not uncommon for us to do Triumph, Yamaha XS650's, Honda CB750's, and Kawasaki KZ forks. We can remove just the fender mounting tabs and leave the brake mounts or shave it all off. We can also rebuild your forks with new seals and dust caps and fresh oil, polish, or add decorative grooves to the lowers. The most affordable package is a full shave for both legs romoviing all the tabs and feature a brushed finish that matches the finish available on our other products. So go ahead and send those things in for a little touch of custom!

Here is the before shot. Look at those battle scars!

 One down and one to go! These will be going on the raffle bike so they get some extra grooving treatment!

There you have it. Just a little more work before the final polishing job!

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