Monday, March 23, 2015

The New Deep Six Cycles Website! (A.K.A. so long blogger)

   We have launched a new website! Though it is not completely done it is about 98% finished. We decided to put it out there and let you see it because it is already completely superior to our previous web store. There are more options for drop down menus to select product options while you are shopping for our parts. On our previous web store (bigcartel) it became difficult to navigate and confusing to select what you need. So far the new website has become a great place to showcase who we are and what we do. We had been split between two sites, selling our parts online in one place and talking about who we are and what we do another place (here).
  We have only a hand full of products left to list on the new website and when we have it will become the only place to purchase our chopper parts and services directly. Swing by and check it out! This blog has been archived over there and has everything ever posted here on it. We will not be posting on blogger any more so if you would like to keep up with us check out The New Blog for interesting news and info! What are you waiting for? Run over to and check out all the great content in one place!

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