Monday, March 23, 2015

The New Deep Six Cycles Website! (A.K.A. so long blogger)

   We have launched a new website! Though it is not completely done it is about 98% finished. We decided to put it out there and let you see it because it is already completely superior to our previous web store. There are more options for drop down menus to select product options while you are shopping for our parts. On our previous web store (bigcartel) it became difficult to navigate and confusing to select what you need. So far the new website has become a great place to showcase who we are and what we do. We had been split between two sites, selling our parts online in one place and talking about who we are and what we do another place (here).
  We have only a hand full of products left to list on the new website and when we have it will become the only place to purchase our chopper parts and services directly. Swing by and check it out! This blog has been archived over there and has everything ever posted here on it. We will not be posting on blogger any more so if you would like to keep up with us check out The New Blog for interesting news and info! What are you waiting for? Run over to and check out all the great content in one place!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Go get a look at our new website!

  Ladies and gentlemen you can now have a look at our new website. It is far from finished. We still have to revise product descriptions and add a few products and services. How ever it is so much nicer than our other web store I wanted to start using it now. We are still a few days away from accepting payments through the site but you can email us or order through our big cartel site for the time being. Hopefully you will not find too many typos. If you do feel free to let me know about  it.
Check it out at 

Free to send feed back to

Hydraulic Fork Leg Shaving Service.

If you have decided to ditch that front fender, front brake or both then send us your fork lowers and we can remove those unsightly and unused mounts. It does not matter what you have for a front end we can remove the tabs, turn and blend the legs on the lathe leaving them looking better than new. We often do 35mm, 39mm & 41mm Harley Fork Lowers. But it is not uncommon for us to do Triumph, Yamaha XS650's, Honda CB750's, and Kawasaki KZ forks. We can remove just the fender mounting tabs and leave the brake mounts or shave it all off. We can also rebuild your forks with new seals and dust caps and fresh oil, polish, or add decorative grooves to the lowers. The most affordable package is a full shave for both legs romoviing all the tabs and feature a brushed finish that matches the finish available on our other products. So go ahead and send those things in for a little touch of custom!

Here is the before shot. Look at those battle scars!

 One down and one to go! These will be going on the raffle bike so they get some extra grooving treatment!

There you have it. Just a little more work before the final polishing job!

Monday, March 16, 2015

The Long Hard Winter!

  The long hard winter may have you feeling a bit stir crazy. But I'm here to tell you that warm weather is on the way and that bike show or run you have been looking forward to is right around the corner! We have a bunch of irons in the fire right now. We are still making progress on the raffle bike. We are sponsors of  The Melt Down vintage motorcycle show where the drawing for the raffle bike will happen. We have tons of new parts rolling out on top of our day to day and custom one off orders. And we are making progress on a whole new website!

Don't get down get busy! Forge ahead, make, modify create!

You know we offer a wide variety of products. Check out those pull back bars with the brass center piece!

You do know all our products are made in the USA by the hands punching these keys right?

Who else offers hand built brass and stainless handle bars? Thats right you will only get them here! 

So Swing over to the Web Store already (Click Here!) or shoot us an email to get your self some thing some custom radness or help with your project.

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Chain Slinger Low Rise Pull Back Bars and more!

  We have been hard at it turning brass and zapping together bars! It just so happens we have a new design for all you Chain Slingers out there! Love em or hate em we make them... They are over the top and here to stay! Check em out in the Web Store now! These Low Rise Pull Back bars will also be available in the Web Store with out the chain cross bar.

Click here to see them in the Web Store!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Our Points Covers have hit the web store!

 No way! Those awesome new brass points covers are on the webstore? Hell yeah go get one! These points/ ignition covers step down towards the center with each step. The class these exude is nearly impossible to capture in photos so come by the shop and check em out or just buy one already and see how rad they are for yourself! By the way these fit all Sportsters and Pre Twin Cams that use a 2 hole cover!

Click this text to go to the Web Store!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Check out the Deep Six Cycles/ Flying Chairs raffle bike (for charity) build! (AKA only 500 $10 tickets are you kidding?)

  Oh what? A sneak peek at the bike we are going to raffle off for charity at The Melt Down this year! More up dates to come so stay tuned! You can purchase $10 raffle tickets here at the shop or online through the PayPal button below!

Sold Out! Thanks to everyone who chipped in and bought a ticket!