Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Trock Ironhead Sportster Jugs (FOR SALE!!!)

I have had these jugs sitting on a shelf for probably 8 years waiting for just the right project to come along. It pains me to sell these but I need to get up some money for another project. These are N.O.S. (new old stock) That means never mounted never run!!! As Ron Trock is no longer with us and Ironheads are a thing of the past you will be hard pressed to find big bore jugs any where! Never mind brand new ones... Check em out!
 These jugs are for 3 7/16" pistons. Actual bore is 3.425 (as they have never had pistons fitted to them!) Gasket to gasket length is 5.680". These will not just bolt up with out machining the cases, and relocating the head and cylinder studs.

I would like $650 for them. But I will warn you if you must have these they will go to the highest bidder! Email me at