Saturday, January 31, 2015

The budget Neo Bobber/ Brat Bike (while in progress)

I came across a few photos of Dave from East End Motorsports cutting the rear seat & shock section off the budget build. He hacked it off and got it ready for us to fab it back together. See the previous post to see the bike about as finished as the customer will let us.

Fitting it up still no shock mounts yet.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Honda CM450 Brat Style

  Here is a Honda CM450 that we cut the seat section and shock mounts off and gave it our own touch. We also mounted the fender to the swing arm. Just an affordable little neo bob job or brat bike . If you would like your bike to under go a similar treatment contact us! We can do partial or full builds. We will modify any make model or brand.We can also supply new shock mounts and frame end caps for you to weld in if you want to do it your self.  Don't hesitate to contact us about any thing you may need.

One of a kind.

Hand built tag mounts, Fender Struts and more. 
Our good friend Zac made the bad ass leather battery bag

All new upper shock mounts too!

This solo seat pivot mount was a fun piece to make.

 This bottom fender mount is bomb proof!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Deep Six Cycles Shirts! (A.K.A. Get one while they last!)

 Deep Six Cycles Sweat Shirts, Long Sleeves, Tanks and Tees! Yeah that's right you can order them here! Go on and show that you support American hand crafted motorcycles and parts!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Junk Yard Score! Famco Arbor Press.

                       I made a run to the scrap yard with a load of old junk bike parts, frame sections, machining chips and unusable drops. While I was there I found a 3 ton Arbor press on the factory stand. I dragged it to a slightly less muddy part of the yard where I hoped I could get the truck to it with out shredding my tires (which was still a gamble). I know I like to see stuff like this so I thought some one else may be interested. I also check it out in the short video I made!