Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hot, hot, hot off the presses!

 Ladys and Gentle Worms I present for your viewing displeasure (I hope) a short tale about a flaming shitter! Its been a crazy week. But then again coming in to work on Tuesday morning only to find your bathroom engulfed in flames will do that! There were 9 fire extinguishers emptied and some hose water to boot by the time the Fire Department showed up! But we are very lucky no one got hurt, no tool or product damage, and no vehicle loss. Just a few magazines, some tp, and hand soap. Oh yeah and the entire bathroom!!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Fork Shavin!

Ok here's the the deal for $200 Plus Shipping . I will take your dirty scared up legs. And shave the fender tabs (and brake tabs if desired) off and polish them to the hilt. Send em or random hate mail to Deep Six Cycles, 12 London Rd, Asheville Nc, 28803

Leave Or Shave Brake Tabs

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Support Kennedy Chopper Class (AKA Mr. "Teach" does it again!)

  Knuckle Shuffle run for The Kennedy Chopper Class!!! Any cats that can make this should attend. For one it is going to own. For two it goes to some thing most of us wish we had access to in high school! Show your support if you can! I stole this off the Knuckle Shuffle run link.Check out the link below.

About the Ride

The purpose of this ride is to raise money for the Kennedy High School Chopper Class.  Every year Kevin “Teach” Baas reaches out to the motorcycle industry to help support his class.  This ride is dedicated to him and his class to ease the burden and keep the chopper class alive!  Please Join us for this ride and enjoy some of the coolest scooters around.  All bikes are welcome, of course we are dedicating this ride to the vintage iron and keeping history alive!  Just remember this is a old school ride, pack your sleeping bag, pack your tent and prepare for a fun. So come join us!
There will be two routes one leaving from The Ole Piper Inn, Lakeville, MN and the other from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Both rides will converge on Yuba, Wisconsin, where we will meet at the Full Throttle Bar.  We will have a street party, bands, burnouts and fun. Sunday a Plant tour of S&S Cycle. in Viola, WI will be available for those who registered.
Price will be $25 per person all proceeds will go to Kennedy High School chopper class to help the kids build the choppers!
Remember “Its for the Kids”
Follow on facebook at

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The End of an Era...

 We had a great Halloween show! I really want to thank every one who helped to make it happen. As some of you may know this was a benefit for the Prison Books program. Being a volunteer run program they depend heavily on  benefits such as this one.
  Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. We had a lot of wonderful people and I had a hell of a time myself. But the actions of a few have ruined it for every one. Mostly the graffiti on my landlords building across the street and a few other things... 

 It was fun while it lasted! And thank you to all the bands that have played here, and the folks that have organized shows in the past. It was nice to have a chance to give something back.

 On a side note if you know any thing about the graffiti it almost cost me my space. And we are on thin ice with our land lord now. I have faith that all will smooth over in time. But any info would be appreciated. We will also be reviewing the video from their security camera for clues as to who may have been involved. 

 Also who ever stole my girlfriends pick up from The Get Down this week end we are looking for you as well!!! And you punks can't drive worth a damn. With in about 20 seconds I had the truck unstuck with no pushing, digging or pulling. I hope you enjoyed our Stun Guns tape you decided to listen to during your adventure. Just one more security tape to review... I hope I can see your face you dumb shit!